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If you are interested in such a workshop send an e-mail to and we will inform you about the next possibility to participate.

Content of our Training Workshops


During the security policy implementation process, our team of consultants assures the training of final users based on a training schedule agreed with each customer in advance.
As a result, at the end of implementation, the customer is able to understand the security policy and independently manage its procedures.
Ypsilon Europe offers post-implementation training to its customers in order to support each company’s dynamics. Depending on the changes and needs of each business, our customers can benefit at any moment from the training services provided by our specialists.

Ypsilon Europe offers regularly training workshops. The content of these workshops:

• Introduction in security (SOx, Physical security, IT security, Policies)
• Overview of security threats and tools
• Ypsilon tools lab in which the YSI tool is demonstrated